Member of Eco Vision Indica, Mr. Rakesh Khatri, Founder, Eco Roots Foundation  won “Shining World Compassion Award” for protecting the environment and respecting all life that dwells within it.
Supreme Master Ching Hai, Taiwan awarded him with a contribution of US$10,000 for his benevolent project,  for the precious birds  care. This Award is presented in recognition of his caring benevolence, using his many talents to nurture national support for eco-friendly initiatives that save precious animal lives and the planet.
He founded Eco Roots Foundation in 2012, with a mission to integrate environmental and social issues into educational institutions and the community so as to raise awareness about the state of our ecosystem. With a simple motto “together we can improve their lives”, he has become a champion to save our winged-friends. He was determined to make suitable homes in which the sparrows could nest to assist in preserving their population. Using materials such as bamboo, jute and coconut fibre, you began by sharing construction expertise with others, including 150,000 students and teachers in 3,500 schools. Over 100,000 nests have been
made for the lovely birds. Eco Roots’ projects include a theater on climate change, teacher training in environmental education and a nature trail program, along with award-winning nest-building workshops.
Earlier, He was a winner of International Green Apple Award for Sparrow Conservation, Limca Book of Record for Theatre on Climate Change and Earth Day Network Star awards.