#1 We exist in relations cradled by eco systems and our respective cultural worlds.
#2 Law of eco-cultural selection ensures that any life form can be alive at its best only in its own Eco cultural world.
#3 Eco cultural diversity is necessary for co-existence and fullest development of all life forms.
#4 Eco-cultural resources, richness and diversity shape and strengthen our inner voice with the support of eco-rhythms of universe.
#5 This ultimate value, if nurtured earnestly, can transform us and our relationship with other elements of natural world.
#6 Nurturing more empowered community architecture based on this ultimate value can make our natural oneness with nature and our divine nature an another form of protecting ecological integrity.
#7 Only the eco-rhythmic development not valueless consumption and sensitive realization of eco-cultural relations is inexhaustible source of inner strength, sustainable prosperity, and empowerment for an ecologically just world and world peace.
– Outlined by Chief Advising Mentor Dr Pamposh Kumar, endorsed by Prof S Nagarathinam & adopted by Eco Visioning Forum, Madurai in 2018, and adopted by Eco Vision Indica in Vijayawada in 2019