From the Desk of National Convener
After Madurai and Bhuj consultations with our founder partners, I feel that this is right time to rejuvenate our ideas and thoughts to gather our collective strength to march forward towards, Eco vision Indica (EVI) objectives and the pathways of making this world better than what it is today.

If our thoughts and even our small efforts workout well in form of a right way to think, to make the beginning for the ultimate realisation, it may one day lead to a big change. Transformative Eco Thoughts are possible not only with scientific and technological interventions, but also with administration, politics, economies, mobilities, policies and public attitudes. The power and leadership of our clusters of experts can be primarily focused upon the lacunae at local level to create and lay down strong messages for protecting local ecological resources. Therefore, Eco interventions, solutions, pathways should be localized. This is a positive strength of EVI to support and be in action at local levels.

Therefore, on behalf of EVI, keeping all the above in mind, I propose for Policy Advancement Support at the Local Levels (PLL). Such an advisory support can be developed and drafted through local EVI members with National Experts Panel and Invited Specialists on the subjects involved. A five-member panel could be working for the drafting and development. The local members would be suggesting the key policy issues and National Policy Experts would be working for integrating it into comprehensive solutions and pathways for actions.

This Policy and Pathfinder Document (may also think to name it as Policy, Advocacy and Pathfinder Document) may be released locally and handed over to interconnected departments of Governments and NGOs. Environment and Social Activists, Policy Action Groups, Public in General may be well informed and they will be stakeholders of the policies and watchdogs. In the smart city development, the activist groups have already started to protest to not to damage river in the name of laying roads on the banks. But for them there is no technical policy support. The same situation arises when trees on the road are cut down for putting up bus stop shelters and electric posts.
I invite members visions and views on this subjects through expansion of this thread for next action course. The possible big moves of the EVI are with the Action Leaders to draft Vision, Policy & Communicative action components on Protection, Conservation, and Local Ecological Issues. These EVI Guidelines will be central point for putting ecology first by Media skilled, Enviro-Socio Motivational Leaders who abide by the Constitution of India, the Law of the Land and believe in knowledge driven, creative and constructive spirit, and harmonious co existence.

When we go these places, we may release and hand over the EVI Framework, Policy & Guidelines for Action to the appropriate forum in person.

I wish all the very best to everyone viewing the EVI Website!

– Prof S Nagarathinam