I am indeed very very happy that ever since its launch at Kutch, the EVI is growing every day as it is nurtured by eminent and honourable experts and the voluntary contributors. I fully endorse EVI as one of the great programmes of our country. I am always in the front line to offer my honorary and voluntary services assigned to me for the success of this cause.

The followings are my observations:

1. Publicity materials and leaflets may be of immense help. Usage of local folk media, folklore and traditional attire & instruments, for easy acceptance and credibility of our story, will certainly add to the depth of our messages reaching the masses.

2. Training manual along with standardised content and activity modules may be developed to have authentic and uniform training of the Peers.

3. While addressing youth with the mentoring thought, vision and action for the energetic and enthusiastic young trailblazers & the change makers of the century, our focal point should always be the youth. Thus, our thoughts, principles and action points should be concentrated only towards these young people.

4. While addressing young people, the activities and the programmes should be carefully designed.

5. These programmes and activities should not be symbolic in nature, but aim at activating their internal drives to enable them to identify the needs and problems in the community in solution to which they can be involved. Only then any Move becomes a Movement.

6. Arousal of their social consciousness precedes to provide them with opportunities to work untiringly and constructively with the community.

7. They should also be directed towards developing among them a sense of social and civic responsibilities.

8. All such engagements should lead them to acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

9. To put concerted efforts to develop their capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.

10. Inculcating in them the values of rendering voluntary service while pursuing their own career.

11. The overall goal should be to put the education they received to concrete social action, ultimately enhancing their knowledge of oneself and the community through confrontation with the realities of life.

12. I once again congratulate the great visionary and dedicated scientist Dr Pamposh Kumar ji for his tireless efforts in designing and implementing several innovative programmes and schemes for the masses.
Jai Hind.