EVI marks the Earth Day, 22nd April 2021 by launching  an e- Guidebook in Hindi for Eco Reporting and promoting eco media, eco visioning and people’s ecology of hope (Bright Ecology).

Eco Media & Shubhra Paristhitiki : Aashawadi Jan Paristhitiki (Eco) Reporting Margdarshika (Translated English Title: Eco Media and Bright Ecology: Eco Reporting Guidebook for People’s Ecology of Hope) is created by an editorial team of Mr Tarun Kumar Jain, Editor, Vaigyanik Drishtikon, Dr S. Nagarathinam, National Convener, Eco Vision Indica, and Dr Pamposh Kumar, Chief Advising Mentor, Eco Vision Indica. It is dedicated to the nation for strengthening Environmental Journalism & People’s Ecology and nature conservation. Dr S. Nagarathinam, National Convener, Eco Vision Indica,  today presented the e-book to the Nation and hoped that soon its versions in other Indian languages would also be possible with the untiring efforts of EVI members and journalist fraternity.

In view of the present situation of the country and the world, Dr Pamposh Kumar, Honorary Chief Advising Mentor of EVI said the e-book shall help to understand eco -reporting for impact and shall help constructive action on ecological issues.  The Guidebook has been brought out by Mr Tarun Kumar Jain, Editor, Vaigyanik Drishtikon, Jaipur, as part of an awareness campaign to make the Earth liveable with a spirit of hope and prosperity. With the scientific approach, the e-book illustrates tutorials and case studies about the science reporting techniques on various pressing ecological issues. The book also  presents important information on the why and how of environmental protection for aiding the Environment Journalists as they are seen as the voice for  the planet Earth and  who are torch bearers to educate people on behalf of the planet Earth.

Link of the e-Book: