About Us

After Madurai and Bhuj consultations with our founder partners, as collective aspiration of our co travellers, EVI was announced in Bhuj in 2018.

“A brainchild of Dr Pamposh Kumar, it was conceived as an independent, not for profit, and voluntary platform for Eco Media Professionals of India. The seven ‘Platform Principles of Eco Cultural Transformation’ behind these collective and progressive thought processes and actionable eco -visioning, are embodied as mission - Eco vision Indica. The contributions and opinions of our co-travelers reflected here do not represent Government’s policies, positions or actions. The dedicated platform draws strength from the journey and practices of emerging leaders in eco media practice in India. It is also offered as a dedicated platform to build capacity of organizations, sharing learning of eco action and thought leaders, and engage communities, volunteers, and associates across India. As practitioners with expertise in cultural & media domains, EVI fraternity may like to advance and contribute to eco cultural theories of communication, and with its scholastic research background may also like to enrich eco media practices. EVI being a platform/network would look up to regional outlooks in these terms, as purely honorary & voluntary contributions.


A call for eco volunteering and eco visioning, EVI welcomes all co travellers to figure out as to how one can generate a youth voice, policy support, and advisory level articulation of eco media practices. Every single practitioner weighs in mightily in this journey, and is harbinger of great learning and service to humanity. Being independent of government support, EVI symbolises all other collaborative modes of meeting of minds! As envisioned by the National Convener, Dr S. Nagarathinam, the contributions are much valued as they help develop policy support guidelines for conservation of natural heritage, re-patterning of eco-cultural heritage, making of eco cultural heritage by our youth, and so on. Transformative Eco Thoughts are possible not only with scientific and technological interventions, but also with administration, politics, economies, mobilities, policies and public attitudes. The power and leadership of our clusters of experts can be primarily focused upon the lacunae at local level to create and lay down strong messages for protecting local ecological resources. Therefore, Eco interventions, solutions, pathways should be localized. This is a positive strength of EVI to support and be in action at local levels.

EVI supports leaders, in various sectors or at various levels of society, in formulating a strategy for local level interventions, cultivating conditions for change & impact, and sustainable systemic change. The possible big moves of the EVI are with the Action Leaders to draft Vision, Policy & Communicative action components on Protection, Conservation, and Local Ecological Issues. These EVI Guidelines will be central point for putting ecology first by Media skilled, Enviro-Socio Motivational Leaders who abide by the Constitution of India, the Law of the Land and believe in knowledge driven, creative and constructive spirit, and harmonious co existence. Policy Advancement Support at the Local Levels (PLL)- an advisory support, may be released locally and handed over to interconnected departments of Governments and NGOs, Environment and Social Activists, Policy Action Groups, Public in General may be well informed and they will be stakeholders of the policies and watchdogs.


Capacity Building of Organizations in progressive & Indic Eco Visioning for a sustainable future to recognise regional, state level Eco Vision Groups & Organizations mentoring Eco cultural Action by young change makers & volunteers Unearthing and promoting eco cultural visions, voices, talent and creations through eco media & eco creations.

A young man, immersed at a natural ecological spot during an EVI's Programme in 2018